August 5, 2013



ICPA’s CPAs offer a broad array of bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation and business consulting services coupled with tools and expertise tailored to each of our client’s needs. So take your pick of the accounting services that will most benefit you, or let us help you decide. If you’re looking for general accounting and tax tips, as well as regulatory updates, be sure to sign-up to receive ICPA’s Monthly e-Newsletters.

ICPA’s accountants will exceed your expectations for experience and innovation. We believe in delivering technical accounting, tax, and consulting expertise services that are derived from our Midwestern roots of client service and hospitality. ICPA’s business advisors specializes in serving mid-sized, growing domestic and international companies, as well as publicly traded companies, construction companies, healthcare entities, and not-for-profit organizations. As our client, you will receive a full range of customized accounting and auditing, attestation, business consulting, litigation support, tax and IT consulting solutions.

Accounting Options:

  • Bookkeeping Options
    • In-House
    • On-Site
  • Quickbooks® Consulting
  • Integrated Accounting Desktop (cloud computing)


Bookkeeping Options

Monthly and Quarterly bookkeeping and accounting services are rendered on a retainer basis as follows:

Option 1
Drop-Off Documents:
Client source documents (i.e. bank statement, credit card statements, checks, etc.) and dropped off or mailed to our office.  For clients within close radius to one of our offices document pick-up service is available.  Our team enters all of your transactions into a secure computerized accounting system.  A “for management use only” profit and loss statement is prepared along with a reconciliation of all bank and credit card accounts.  Typical fees range from $60 to $250 per billing cycle.

Option 2
Onsite accounting and reconciliation service:
 Our team visits your office to reconcile bank accounts, credit card accounts, loans, etc.  We make month-end adjustments, reclassify misposted transactions, make unposted transactions, and prepare a “for management use only” profit and loss statement.  We make any necessary recommendations and adjust the chart of accounts on an as needed basis.  Actual day-to-day financial transactions are made by the client or a member of its staff.  Typical fees range from $200 to $450.

Option 3
Full service bookkeeping and accounting service at our office:  This service typically includes entering all financial transactions, reconciling bank accounts and credit card statements, invoicing customers/clients, tracking payments received (accounts receivable), paying your bills (accounts payable), entering cash receipts, payroll processing, making any month-end adjustments and preparing a “for management use only” profit and loss statement.  Also included is a quarterly tax/management planning meeting with Christopher J. Picciurro, CPA, MBA.  Typical fees range from $300 to $1,000.

Option 4
Onsite full service bookkeeping and accounting service: Our team visits your office to enter all financial transactions, reconcile bank accounts and credit card statements, invoice customers/clients, track payments received (accounts receivable), pay your bills (accounts payable), enter cash receipts, process payroll, make any month-end adjustments and prepare a “for management use only” profit and loss statement.  We review any related work done by your staff members.   Also included is a quarterly tax/management planning meeting with a CPA. Typical fees range from $500 to $2,000.

*Annual bookkeeping and accounting services: are rendered on an as-needed basis.  Typically this service is performed in conjunction with (tax preparation services).  All of these services are customized to fit your needs and budget.


Remember that all engagements can be customized to meet the specific needs of each client.  This schedule of services is guides to ensure your needs are met and expectations are exceeded.  If you are in need of “compiled” financial statements for third-party use a separate engagement is necessary.

NOTE: All retainer-based bookkeeping and accounting service packages include year-end W-2 and 1099 preparation, worker’s compensation audits and compliance, and personal property tax statement preparation at no additional cost.  Normal and routine communications are also included in each package.  Option 3 and Option 4 include complimentary payroll processing services via (Payroll Solutions Group LLC).


Quickbooks® Consulting

ICPA provides small and mid-market companies (including franchises) with the business management tools to run operations more efficiently. Our extensive experience in accounting, inventory management and information technology offers a full suite of custom and turnkey solutions that are flexible, scalable and meet the needs of any company — large or small.

We are dedicated to being the leading provider of QuickBooks® solutions, training and product support. The needs of our clients are diverse, and our team of experts has the experience and knowledge to help you with all of your QuickBooks® needs.


Integrated Accounting Desktop

Your business infrastructure in the cloud

You may have heard how more and more businesses and personal computing users are switching their data and applications to ‘the cloud’. What started off as a buzz word a few years ago has now taken the business world by storm. Imagine never having to purchase, configure or manage another server. Now imagine your data being stored securely offsite and accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world on any device. This is the power of cloud computing and it forms an integral part of the Integrated Accounting Desktop service.

Experience higher availability and productivity

If you are currently fighting a losing battle with server support issues, a lack of resources, licensing hassles and redundant hardware, cloud computing can take away these issues practically overnight. By hosting your data, QuickBooks®, Microsoft Office®, and applications on cloud servers, you instantly take away the many headaches associated with in-house IT systems. Data backup and centralized data are just some of the features we have to offer with our cloud services.

Have your accountants and bookkeeper in the cloud with you

With your Integrated Accounting Desktop you have back-end support using your QuickBooks®, and other accounting related services always on your side. Never have to drop-off a CD, thumb drive, laptop or other types of data sharing device again! We can access your information through your remote server and help you with any accounting issues you may encounter from any location any time of day.