August 6, 2013

Integrated Accounting Desktop (IAD)

Featuring QuickBooks® Enterprise



Cloud Benefits


  • Can replace your current server
  • Secure and efficient sharing of financial data with your CPA
  • Automatic data backups
  • Data maintenance and data recovery included
  • Always on a supported version of QuickBooks
  • Updates are automatically streamlined into your system
  • Use on any computer, tablet or smartphone

Your business infrastructure in the cloud


You may have heard how more and more businesses and personal computing users are switching their data and applications to ‘the cloud’. What started off as a buzz word a few years ago has now taken the business world by storm. Imagine never having to purchase, configure or manage another server. Now imagine your data being stored securely offsite and accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world on any device. This is the power of cloud computing and it forms an integral part of the Integrated Accounting Desktop service.


Experience higher availability and productivity


If you are currently fighting a losing battle with server support issues, a lack of resources, licensing hassles and redundant hardware, cloud computing can take away these issues practically overnight. By hosting your data, QuickBooks®, Microsoft Office®, and applications on cloud servers, you instantly take away the many headaches associated with in-house IT systems. Data backup and centralized data are just some of the features we have to offer with our cloud services.


Have your accountants and bookkeeper in the cloud with you


With your Integrated Accounting Desktop you have back-end support using your QuickBooks®, and other accounting related services always on your side. Never have to drop-off a CD, thumb drive, laptop or other types of data sharing device again! We can access your information through your remote server and help you with any accounting issues you may encounter from any location any time of day.

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